I graduated as an architect in 1997. As a child, one of my favorite ways of playing was drawing. I’m still influenced by animations, cartoons, and among others, encyclopedias.

I have practiced illustrations for almost 30 years. I have also done a lot of exhibition designs for various museums. The illustration side has been pretty much across the board varying from children’s books to women’s magazines and everything in between and over. My illustration you find here http://linjamiehet.fi/harritarkka

Artharri.com is a shop for my paintings in arty t-shirts and gliicee art prints.

My hobbies are spearfishing and underwater rugby (as an old and slow striker). Today, I focus on painting and running my print shops like MoleHoleOffice (Underwater Rugby and workout stuff) in Etsy.

I have motorcycle apparel shop Mummyduck Customs for tough souls. Shirts honor the ancient piston technology and appropriate fuels such as good coffee. In my workshop, I have two motorcycles cafe racer CBX750 (running) and XV1000 as a bobber (not running). Motorcycles and paintings joy each other very much.

I have illustrated children’s books. One of my own, one Karin Henrikson’s, and a couple of Raili Mikkanen‘s written. So Little by little, I have also drawn animals to nursery decors. Very cute toddlers’ pics to hang walls. You’ll find these printables on Etsy shop MoleHolePrintables

– Harri


Galleria Kookos 22.09. – 10.10. 2021 Unbelievable

Ava Galleria 27.3-14.4.2019  Sieluhavaintoja Soul Observations

Galleria Rupla 16.1.-10.2.2019 Yksitoista Seppoa Eleven Seppos

Ateljee bar Sokos Hotel Torni 3.6-2.9.2013 Nenät Noses


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