Welcome to my web realm of paintings and illustrations.

It’s based on four niches of Shops and these sites integration. I made some kinda hierarchy between them.

So, here’s what and where.


cavas art jump. Hare or rabbit is into move

Woodland Creatures

ArtHarri.com (also in Etsy) presenting woodland creatures in prints, and canvas. Some items are from original paintings and some just are made for just ArtHarri. Warm colors, cute creatures are lovely to work with.
Face and Insta.

mama orca t-shirt

Mole Hole Office

MoleHoleOffice is for quotes and thoughts in a T-shirt way. You can carry your statements on you. These are more to the US market. They like to show their social status like being a mom. I like it. And, of course you can find Workout, UWR, and Yoga stuff. 

grumpy men art

Seppo Art

GrumpyMen ala Seppo’s have their own
T-shirt store in Etsy too. I’m not advertising the site very much. If you’re grumpy enough you’ll find it. Paintings of Seppos (some of them) you find in here.

mummyduck custom t-shirt

Mummyduck Customs

The mummyduck.com where are prints for cafe racers and bobber riders to wear. Tees, hoodies, and coffee mugs for ancient tough souls. Face and Insta too! Yes, I have motorcycles, a cafe racer(running), and a bobber(not running).
Face and Insta.

I hope you have fun exploring my web imperium. Don’t hesitate to visit them all.

– Harri